SafeMUSE is supported by:

SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative | email: jle[at] | c/o Sentralen, Pb. 183 Sentrum, 0102 Oslo, NORWAY | Org# 913 078 802

The SafeMUSE board
  • Anders Hovind, chair (Vice President, Creo – the union for arts and culture)

  • Terese Mungai-Foyn, vice chair (actor at the Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo)

  • Samsaya Sharma, deputy (artist, alternate board member of NOPA - Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists)

  • Julian Skar, deputy (composer/ musician, member of the Norwegian Society of Composers)

  • Erik Nadheim, deputy (lawyer and Director at Norwegian Ministry of Justice)

  • Gro Hillestad Thune, deputy (human rights lawyer)

  • Halvard Bakklund, alternate (Head of Dep. for Culture, City of Harstad)

  • Tina Espejord, alternate (stage manager, board member of Creo – the union for arts and culture)

The SafeMUSE administration
  • Jan Lothe Eriksen - project manager

  • Karoline Kaarbø Asskildt - project coordinator

  • Jon Olav Kringeland - accountant/ project coordinator