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SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative | email: jle[at] | c/o Sentralen, Pb. 183 Sentrum, 0102 Oslo, NORWAY | Org# 913 078 802

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Safe Residencies

The core SafeMUSE mission is to develop work possibilities for persecutes artists and artists at risk through a scheme of Safe Residencies. A Safe Residency is a scheme of 1 – 12 months hosting period – or longer (depending on resources and needs). This gives the artist a possibility to get out of a difficult situation with prosecution and censorship and have time for re-charging and re-activating creative processes and develop networks for a period in safe surroundings. The hosting period normally includes cooperating with local artists/ musicians, promoters and venues, record companies etc. in the hosting area/region – before returning home.

SafeMUSE put great efforts into a relevant artistic clearing and assessment process of the applicants through a close cooperation with Freemuse and other actors in our broad network, and in addition to tailor the residency program with good professional relevance for the artist involved and also for the hosting environment.