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Conference: Shelter From The Storm


| Harstad/ Norway |

25 October the first Safe Music Haven, the City of Harstad, invites for the conference "Ly For Stormen" (Shelter From The Storm) focusing on artistic freedom and culture as a tool for integration. 


The program includes a one day conference at the University of Tromsø (UiT) campus Harstad with panelists Moddi (artist), Helge Lunde (ICORN), Abazar Hamid (first guest musician of Harstad), Hege Newt (Norwegian Pen), Ole Gunnar Solheim (Amnesty International), Jan Lothe Eriksen (SafeMUSE), Marte Valle (artist), Kristin Bjørn (Ferske Scener performing arts company), Karoline Trollvik (Riddu Riđđu Festivàla) and Rikke Gürgens Gjærum (UiT). Moderator: Bård Borch Michalsen.


The conference is followed by a dinner at the beautiful Trondenes historical center and an exclusive concert in the venerable Trondenes Church with Moddi, Marja Mortensson and Harstad's own guest musician Hamid Sakhizada.


The conference is organized in cooperation with Culture Troms, Troms County Council.


More information (in Norwegian) HERE.



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