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Safe Havens - Malmö Meetings 2015-2017




Safe Havens – The Malmö Meetings 2015-2017 is a series of annual network conferences in Malmö, Sweden.

It is organized in collaboration between cultural operators and organizations, and serves as a gathering place for human rights defenders within arts and academia, and as a platform for enhancing the visibility of cultural operators. The conference focuses on the connection between art, culture and human rights, and highlights the significant position of artists, culture and academia in human rights advocacy. It also promotes sharing and exchange of knowledge between artists and cultural operators, activists, scholars, and major human rights/cultural organizations.


Safe Havens – The Malmö Meetings was initiated by the City of Malmö; organizer and host of the event since the beginning. The 2017 edition builds on a collaboration with two partners; ARC and SafeMUSE.


The 2017 edition of Safe Havens – The Malmö Meetings will be held in December.
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