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Farzane Zamen - A censored voice from Iran in artistic residency in Glasgow




Farzane Zamen is an Iranian musician, producer, songwriter and singer. She has released more than 15 songs in Farsi and several records in English. Under Islamic law, as it is applied in Iran, women are not allowed to sing in public, resulting in Farzane having no opportunities to perform or publish her music legitimately in her home country, consequently, she works as an underground musician. Farzane composes and arranges all of her songs—most of which are available through the online music service,, with a total of 710,000 plays to date.


In July 2009, she released her first single in English, "You've gone cold tonight", a song that tells the story of the emotional gulf between lovers. In 2011, she competed for the online Zirzamin Music Award by submitting her punk rock song, “Love Affair”. The top twenty entries were featured in a compilation album and Farzane's submission placed eighth.


Farzane started recording the album “Close to Morning”, which contains 10 songs in 2011, but due to lack of media access to release the full album, all of the songs were released as single‐tracks over the next 3‐years, between 2012 to 2014. Two songs from the album “Khodahafez” and “Nahayat Kojast" were released as music videos and broadcasted on music TV channels outside of Iran. "Khodahafez" became a hit in Iran, and across the larger Iranian diaspora, because it spoke about leaving Iran for distant countries to experience freedom and learn how to live again—many young people identified very strongly with "Khodahafez".


In November‐December 2015, Farzane successfully completed a one‐month residency in Norway and Sweden (arranged by the Oslo‐based SafeMUSE). Farzane performed her first public live performances with fellow musicians in Bergen and Kongsberg, Norway and Malmö, Sweden. During this residency, she also recorded the song "Pedar" (Father) in a one‐day session in Oslo, Norway.


In 2016, Farzane Zamen was awarded a prestigious Artist Protection Fund (AFP) Fellowship and is currently on her six‐month APF Fellowship residency in the UK at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA‐Glasgow).


Farzane’s APF Fellowship at CCA‐Glasgow, also includes participating cooperation with Glasgow‐based organizations—Glad Café, The Green Door Studio and Paragon Music; and SafeMUSE, Norway.




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