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Farzane Zamen in Glasgow: EP launch and residency sharing



Farzane Zamen will release Z Bent - an EP of new works in English, Arabic and French - created in collaboration with Glasgow-based musician Gavin Thompson, sound engineer Sam Smith, and Egyptian performer and singer Habiba Makhlouf. The EP launch includes a discussion about Farzane's residency in Glasgow.


Farzane Zamen, an Iranian musician, producer, singer and songwriter, was awarded a prestigious Artist Protection Fund (APF) Fellowship and is currently on her six-month APF Fellowship residency at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow, UK. This APF Fellowship also includes the participation of Glasgow-based organisations - The Glad Café, The Green Door Studio and Paragon Music; and Norway-based SafeMUSE. In addition Mr Ian Smith (European Music Council/ Scottish Music Centre) has been crucial facilitating the artistic profile of the residency.


Z Bent incorporates elements of electronic music and Middle Eastern sounds - including Arabic strings, oud and darbuka. Farzane sings in English, while Habiba Makhlouf provides the Arabic and French lyrics. Farzane chose not to pen the songs in her native language of Farsi, explaining: “The concept is that women are suffering from the same problems in many Muslim communities, so I thought it’s better to be multilingual and understandable for more people”. With Z Bent, Farzane hopes to give voice to Middle Eastern women from diverse backgrounds, and reveal paradoxes about perception and reality.


Farzane has previously released songs in Farsi and several records in English. Under Islamic law in Iran, women are not allowed to sing in public, which resulted in Farzane having no opportunity to perform or publish her original music in her home country. Until now, Farzane worked underground, releasing most of her songs through the online music service, - with a total of 710,000 plays to date.


Z Bent is released under the new record label Lidio, a sub-label to Grappa Musikkforlag – the no. 1 leading independent record company in Norway.







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