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Mai Khoi - a unique, fearless Vietnamese artist


The Vietnamese pop-star and outspoken activist Mai Khoi was a SafeMUSE guest at the Safe Haven Malmö conference last December. In this Featured Case article by the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), a PEN America collaborative project, the background and struggles of this exceptionally interesting artist is highlighted and portrayed:

- Despite the tireless intimidation, Khoi continues to publicly denounce all forms of harassment and intimidation made against her. The level and number of these harassment episodes worries Khoi, who has said, “I’m worried more than normal right now. I don’t like the word scared, but I’m feeling uncomfortable. I think this is definitely the worst treatment I have received up until now.” Khoi continues to find ways to advance in her projects and to ensure that none of them soften their original messages.


Read the whole article at Artists at Risk Connection.



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