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Farzane Zamen: A night of Music and Dance



GLASGOW/ UK: Join us for a night of music and dance, as part of Farzane Zamen's ongoing residency in Glasgow and in collaboration with local dance practitioners, performing a collection of short improvised music, movement and vocal works.


With Nicolette Macleod on vocals, Farzane Zamen drawing on her Persian musical heritage, Penny Chivas with movement and Zoe Katsilerou working alongside musicians in the moment.


Farzane Zamen, an Iranian musician, producer, singer and songwriter, was awarded an Artist Protection Fund (APF) Fellowship and is currently on her six-month APF Fellowship residency at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow, UK. This residency also includes the participation of Glasgow-based organisations - The Glad Café, The Green Door Studio and Paragon Music; and Norway-based SafeMUSE. In addition Mr Ian Smith (European Music Council/ Scottish Music Centre) has been crucial facilitating the artistic profile of the residency.


A Night of Music and Dance with Farzane Zamen and collaborators


Fri 16 February 2018 - 8pm


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