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SafeMUSE has since 2015 been involved in a case concerning a Guatemalan breakdancer, "Gato", who has to stay outside his country due to threats of being killed. In Guatemala he and his crew used to teach break dance to kids, to have them doing something positive and keeping them away from the street gangs.

This recruitment of young dancers causes the gangs to attack dancers, and on several occasions they have shown that they are serious when threatening to kill. Several members of Gato's dance-crew has been assassinated or have disappeared.

So when Gato got the call that he is next on the list, he fled.


This was in 2015, just after he and some other Guatemalan artist-colleagues had been to Norway, taking part in an award-winning theatre production based on the story of the young Guatemalan performers.

SafeMUSE in collaboration with producers and friends put together a one year residency program for him, but his visa application and later appeal was turned down by Norwegian Immigration (UDI/UNE) - on strictly formal basis, although the regulations also could be interpreted in his favor.


Since then he has stayed outside Guatemala with the support from SafeMUSE on funds collected.

We are now starting a new visa application process, and in connection with this also a new action for fund raising. The crowd-funding is directed towards the Norwegian/ Nordic hip hop and break environment, who knows the artist well. (Facebook-link - in Norwegian)


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