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SAFE - a video campaign on artistic freedom




November 3rd SafeMUSE will release the first part of the video series SAFE, a campaign about artistic freedom and what happens when you loose it. Artistic freedom is a basic human right, but it is a right that is not afforded to all of us. In Norway, most artists can enjoy this right and this freedom, but in countless other places artists are censored, imprisoned, threatened and even killed.


In March 2018 Freemuse released The State of Artistic Freedom. This yearly rapport on artistic freedom in the world paints a dark picture. For artists, and musicians specifically, 2017 was a rough year. Two murders, 31 arrests, 31 imprisonments, 21 detained, 22 attacked, four abducted and 63 censored. These are just musicians. The rapport also covers artists from all fields, and it is a depressing read.


The situation is dramatic, and it concerns all of us. I 2017, Spain was the country that imprisoned most musicians in the world, a country not too far away from our own and a country we consider to be free. The reality is that countries in Europe are abusing terror laws and to censure artists, and we have the responsibility to put up a fight.


During the next five months SafeMUSE will release a series of mini-documentaries that portraits the meeting between established Norwegian artists and threatened artists/ artists at risk. We mark the end of the series with the celebration of Music Freedom Day, March 3rd 2019.


The first video is released November 3rd 2018. It documents the meeting between the Norwegian artist Moddi - and the Vietnamese artist Mai Khoi.



We have the freedom to lift up these stories. That is reason enough to do it.


Will you use your voice to help us?

Go to November 3rd at 12.00 PM (CET), and share these stories with the world.



SAFE is created by SafeMUSE, an independent organization working to create safe work possibilities for persecuted artists and musicians. The campaign is supported by Fritt Ord, Bergesenstiftelsen, CREO (MFO), NOPA and the Norwegian Society of Composers.


Thanks also to our collaborators and those who helped us make this happen: Freemuse, Javier Auris, Lars Erlend Tubaas Øymo, Synne Mo, Sina Winter, Oslo City Hall and participating artists. 


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