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Receiving Refugee Artists / Kunstnere på flukt #2


| Oslo/ Norway |
Among the refugees escaping from war and distress are also artists. Some of these come to Norway - although the crossing of boarders has become more and more difficult since the refugee wave started a few years ago. Several individual artists and also artists' organizations have taken initiative to map and find these refugee artists to give them a good and collegial reception and a basis for integration related to their artistic field. But this far there has been no overall coordination or system for for this work.


Norwegian Actors' Equity Association organized a seminar on this issue in February earlier this year, revealing a desire and need from artists as well as art and artists' organizations to open up for more coordinated efforts and work, making the waiting period in refugee reception centres and the following settlement and integration more meaningful and relevant for these artist colleagues.


Through the project "Beauty from the outside" ('Skjønnhet utenfra') run by Knut Reiersrud and Håkon Kornstad, the two Norwegian musicians meets refugee musicians for concerts, and they are now also preparing a CD-production. Their motto for this work is:- Integration starts here and now, with ourselves. I addition they say they are doing this "simply to have some fun!


Yesterday SafeMUSE invited for a seminar discussing how to better coordinate this work, as a follow-up of the February seminar. In addition to IMDI, the Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity, several artists' and interest organisations plus institutions was represented, throwing light on how today's reception program is functioning, how this can be adopted for the needs when seeking out refugee artists, and who and how to coordinate a program of putting these artists in contact with relevant colleagues, organisations and arts environments.


SafeMUSE invited for this meeting aiming to build a network for the development of good cooperation between Norwegian authorities and artists organizations, art producers and others, for the registration and development of a mentoring scheme for artists coming to Norway as refugees.


The following organisations was represented:
IMDI - Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity, Solidarity Youth of the Norwegian People's Aid, Norwegian Actors' Equity Association, The Norwegian Film Makers Association, NOPA - Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists, JM Norway, Samspill International Music Network, Nordic Black Theatre, Kulturtanken - Arts for Young Audiences Norway, Norwegian Musicians' Union plus indivual artists.The initiative will be followed up by SafeMUSE.Photos by Siri Kvambe, Anders Hovind and Jan Lothe Eriksen. 




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